The Rules of Engagement (for meaningful human-to-human interaction)

1. Speak only the Truth.
2. Practice speaking well-chosen words with Love and Conviction.
3. Practice listening with patience and equanimity.
4. Hold myself and others accountable for our attitudes, words, and actions.
5. Expect - and be willing to accept - these gifts from others.

I want real  interpersonal relations. I don't want to occupy my brain with what's on TV, or what the weather is doing. I want to know what you feel about, what you're passionate about, what youcare about. I want to know what makes YOU go, what gets YOU riled up, what spurs YOU to action and change in your own life. I want to know what you're made of.

This is what I'm striving for. And sometimes I get it wrong, but sometimes I get it right.  

If you want to connect with me, here are the rules.

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