Facts Vs. Truth - MORTAL KOMBAT!

So I've been thinking a lot lately about Absolute Trust and Truth, and about living a life rooted in honesty.
It's not easy to think about coherently, and it's certainly not easy to do. 

For a while now, I've been stuck trying to figure out how to be Absolutely Truthful with someone who doesn't necessarily Absolutely Trust my Best Possible intentions. 

The thing I've been wrestling with is the idea of Fact vs. Truth.
These are not always interchangeable words. 

I have a difficult conversation coming down the pipes in my own life, and I have about a month to figure all this out. 
Without going into too much detail here, I'll just say that in my mind, there are facts, and there is truth

Generally in life, the Facts will add up to the Truth. 
Facts are indisputable. Truth is pretty subjective, because (I think) Truth is about what we do with the Facts. 

This is where I get muddled. because math is hard, and this is a complicated equation with many possible results, each able to be "proven." 

Finding Truth is a matter of sorting through all the facts, filtering them though all the lenses you can get your hands on, viewing them through all the mirrors you can find in your life (they're EVERYWHERE, but that's another post), and feeling for resonance

I'd like to believe that everyone knows that feeling - resonance. I DO believe that resonance is what happens when heart, body, and mind are in unity. And I think that's what we strive for - those moments of Absolute Truth. 

My (self-assigned) task over the next month is to sort through the events of my last decade or so, sort through the FACTS, and find out the TRUTH so that I can speak it with both confidence and love.

Is anyone else dealing with this right now?

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  1. read a book on intro to ethics. moral values being subjective versus absolute is a hot topic everywhere.
    i think people subjectively form their own moral values based on ones in their society that have helped the survival of the culture (i.e. truth telling or not murdering each other)... but others believe differently. interesting stuff but don't lose sleep over it. just do what you believe is right (and be sure to question your own intentions while you're at it).
    ps- you should rename this post MORAL kombat.